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Mr. Benjamin 

Founder Mr. Benjamin is no stranger to uplifting his community. Mr. Benjamin has appeared on Q13 news promoting positive hip-hop and being the first independent artist to receive a Mayor's award from former Seattle mayor Paul Schell and a recognition award from former Governor Gary Locke.  Mr. Benjamin has also toured through schools promoting his School is Cool campaign and gave away Mattress to underprivileged kids and their families in honor of the Benjamin Smith Day proclamation which he received from King County former exec Ron Sims.

Throughout his career, Mr. Benjamin has been a beacon of hope and positivity. He has been acknowledged alongside Northwest luminaries such as Bill Gates and JP Patches. His contributions were recognized when he was voted Best Entertainer by the Seattle Weekly editorial. Moreover, the Seattle Times featured an article titled "Going with the Flow," highlighting his efforts to channel positive energy toward youth through music and arts.

Mr. Benjamin remains steadfast in his belief in the transformative power of music and arts. He continues to champion positive hip-hop across Washington State and the Northwest region, aiming for global recognition in his efforts to empower individuals and uplift communities.


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